Sunday, 4 June 2017

Dying Games is out! What do you think?

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 'Dying Games is not to be missed! It is Robinson's finest work to date.'

My new Jefferson Tayte Genealogy Mystery, Dying Games, has been out for one month now, and I couldn't be happier with the reception it's received. Thanks to everyone who's bought a copy, and to those who have let me know what you think about the book on Facebook and Twitter, and in your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, which are much appreciated as always.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 'This book was amazing! The mind of Steve Robinson to devise a plot like this is a little scary!'

The Facebook launch party was a lot of fun, and thanks again to everyone who came along. Hopefully we can do it again next year. The competitions were fun this time around too, and I particularly liked the 'books in deadly situations' game where you had to guess the next murder weapon. I'll try to come up with something for the next book, which is coming along nicely. There's going to be an historical narrative to this one and I've just finished writing it. Now I'm getting reacquainted with JT again as I work out the plot for his side of the story in the present day.

If you've not visited my website since Dying Games was released, you'll now find there's an information page about the book, where you can discover what inspired me to write it among other background things, such as the research that went into the book. Here's a LINK if you'd like to take a look.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 'WOW! I haven't read a book this exciting and physiologically draining as this, in I don't know when.'

'A well written nail biter from beginning to end.'

Visit DYING GAMES on Amazon HERE for more information.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Dying Games pre-launch reviews!

My new Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery, DYING GAMES, will be out next week (4 May) and it appears to be going down a storm! Here are some of the reviews from book bloggers and other ARC readers who received advance copies via NetGalley prior to its release. Follow the links if you'd like to read the full reviews. 

'Like the rest of this series, once I started on this book, I found it difficult to put down. The ‘race against time’ element made it a very fast-paced, exhilarating read.’ — GoBuyTheBook

‘Once you’ve started reading, you’ll be hooked.’ — Peter Calver,

'The book is a page-turner, in all the senses of this expression. I was tense while reading it. I do recommend this book, and I would certainly buy it as a gift to someone who enjoys intelligent thriller plots.’ —

'This was absolutely brilliant, Steve Robinson has produced a real puzzle within this thriller! For lovers of puzzles, mysteries and a rollercoaster of a ride. I really can’t recommend this book highly enough.’ —Cleo Bannister,

And some comments from the Goodreads community. The full reviews to these can be read HERE.

‘It gets more exciting with every page and if you have enjoyed the previous five books you will definitely enjoy this one.’ — Angela, Goodreads

‘It is action packed, tense and gripping so I have no hesitation in recommending it as a good read.’ — Elaine Tomasso, Goodreads

'I found it exciting and terrifying in equal measure. It’s a dead sure winner and I enjoyed it immensely.’ — Kath Middleton, Ignite Books

'Totally hooked, I wanted to shut out everything happening around me.’ — Sarah, Goodreads

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

DYING GAMES - Read the prologue

Here's a 'look inside' my latest Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery, DYING GAMES, which will be released next month on 4 May. It can be pre-ordered in all formats worldwide HERE.


When the woman awoke, she was instantly aware of two things. The first was that she felt cold, the kind of cold you feel deep inside your bones. It made her teeth chatter uncontrollably, and she wanted it to stop. She had to be quiet, or the man would find her.
The second thing she felt was fear.
She couldn’t recall why she felt so afraid, but she instinctively knew she was. She was terrified. It was dark, absolutely dark. She was sitting in a crouched position with her knees pulled up close to her chest, hands by her feet. She tried to move, her cold limbs still and aching, but there wasn’t enough room. Wherever she was, she thought she must have gone there to hide. Yes, that was it. She was hiding from the man, and she must have been there for some time to feel as cold as she did.
But where had she hidden, and why was she wearing only one shoe?
She tried to think. She wished she could remember. Her hands wandered up from her numb feet, and she began to run them over the smooth walls around her, which were so close she couldn’t even straighten her arms. She imagined she must be in a box of some kind, and the idea caused her to catch her breath as claustrophobia gripped her. She wanted to smash her way out of there. She wanted to scream, but she knew that would be bad.
An image flashed through her mind, and it startled her. It was the man. He was angry, and she was running from him, trying to find somewhere to hide. She supposed he was the reason she was hiding in the box now, but was she hiding? She shook her head as the answer came to her. In her mind she could see her other shoe. It was on the floor at the back of the garage at her home. She was lying on her back a few feet away from it, reaching out for the hammer she’d seen just moments before the man caught up with her. She was kicking out at him as he pulled her back, away from the hammer. Her shoe had come off in the struggle. She had not found a place to hide. She had not managed to escape.
So why was she crouched inside a box?
A fearful shiver ran through her as she realised the man must have put her there. At last she screamed.
Her husband had not been home when the man came to the door, but then she thought the man must have known that. She began to cry as she thumped on the walls, which resounded with a low, hollow note. Wherever the man had put her, she was starkly aware that it was with no good intent. She had to get out. She pushed at the wall in front of her and felt her spine brace against the wall at her back. A moment later she thought she heard a crack. Then she heard another sound and froze. Somewhere beyond her confinement, a door had clicked open. She heard echoing footsteps, becoming louder. Her breath quickened.
It was the man.
Silent again in the darkness, she listened until the footsteps fell silent with her. Then she heard the man sigh, and her eyes were suddenly blinded by light. She blinked and tried to focus. A small square, no bigger than a matchbook, had opened in the wall to her right. Light was cast into the box, and she saw her surroundings for the first time. There were pictures on the walls—miniature pictures. She could see a bookcase and several fireplaces. There were tiny portraits of indistinguishable people, and above her she saw the interior of an apex roof with a tiny chandelier hanging down. She touched it in disbelief. She was inside a doll’s house, with all the floors removed to accommodate her.
 The light at the small window the man had opened was suddenly interrupted, and she turned towards it. What she saw startled her. It was an eye—his eye—as grey as steel and easily recognisable by the scar that cut a deep line across his left eyebrow, cleaving it in two. The woman caught her breath again, still uncertain of the man’s intentions, fearing she would soon find out.
The eye blinked as the man focused on her.
‘I wanted to be sure you were awake,’ he said, showing no emotion, no nervousness or excitement in light of what he had done, or was about to do. ‘The others were awake when it happened. You can be sure of that.’
 The others? What others?
‘When what happened?’ she asked, but the man gave no answer.
 The eye at the tiny window withdrew, and the interior of the doll’s house became bright again. A moment later, she caught the distinctive chemical smell of gasoline. She heard it splashing on to the roof above her. She saw it dripping in through the window.
‘What do you want?’ the woman asked, panic in her voice. ‘Why are you doing this?’
The only sound she heard in reply was the unmistakable striking of a match. It scratched and fizzed, and then the man’s eye returned to the tiny window.
‘Jefferson Tayte knows why,’ he said as he offered up the flame.  Then he dropped the match inside.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

DYING GAMES is now on NetGalley

A serial killer. A deadly game of revenge.

If you're a NetGalley member you can read my latest Jefferson Tayte mystery thriller now.

Out 4 May
About Dying Games:

Washington, DC: Twin brothers are found drowned in a Perspex box, one gagged and strapped to a chair. It’s the latest in a series of cruel and elaborate murders with two things in common: the killer has left a family history chart at each crime scene, and the victims all have a connection to genealogical sleuth Jefferson Tayte.

Hoping his insight and expertise will help solve the case, the FBI summon Tayte back to the capital. But as he struggles to crack the clues, the killer strikes again—and again. Tayte is known as the best in the business, but this time he’s up against a genealogical mastermind who always seems to be one step ahead.

With the clock ticking and the body count rising, Tayte finds himself racked with guilt, his reputation and career in tatters. The killer is running rings around him; is it only a matter of time before he comes for the ultimate target?

This is the sixth book in the Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery series but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story.

Pre-order DYING GAMES here.

About NetGalley:
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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Another Jefferson Tayte book is under way!

Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery Book 7!

It always seems a little odd to talk about the book I'm currently writing before the next one is out, but I can't hold back any longer. I've been hard at it since 2017 began, having worked on the plot in the closing months of last year after finishing DYING GAMES, which I am of course very excited about. Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered it, by the way. If you've yet to pre-order your copy, it's on Amazon now and will be released on 4 May worldwide in all formats. Here's a link.
Anyway... As you can see from the photo I've attached, it's not been easy getting started (it never is). So much so this time that I've had to follow Jefferson Tayte's practice of breaking open a bag Hershey's miniatures to help me grind out the beginnings of the story, which is really two story beginnings is this case, as there's a present and a past timeline to write.
The Hershey's seem to have worked, because I'm now around 17,000 words in. I've started JT's storyline off, which has taken him somewhere new in the British Isles, and I'm also underway with the past narrative, which is set almost 200 years ago in a country that's new to both JT and me, so as you can imagine, I'm knee deep in research again.
I think book 7 is going to be quite an adventure, and one I have high hopes for. I even have the title worked out, which is a first for me this early in the process. Hopefully, I'll have the first draft finished before the winter, so publication shouldn't be too far behind a year on from DYING GAMES.
I'll keep you posted. 

Friday, 10 February 2017

Dying Games - The cover is out!

A serial killer. A deadly game of revenge.

I'm delighted to be able to share the cover design for my new Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery, DYING GAMES. It's the sixth book in the series, although as with all the other books it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story.

It will be out for Kindle, paperback and audiobook worldwide on 4 May, and is available to pre-order from Amazon in your country HERE

I think the cover designers have done a great job again. I particularly like the stormy sky and the birds. It sets a moody tone for JT's return to Washington, DC and the murderous challenges that await him. I hope you like it!